Helping Destitute Mother

  • Social Activist Collectively role in women empowerment is the promotion of equal participation of women and men in decision-making because women continue to have fewer rights, lower education and health status, less access to resources and decision-making than men. There are many gender roles socially constructed that are oppressive and need social transformation. While it is important for both genders to participate in the gender development interventions and initiatives, more interventions are required for women to bring balance in the gender relations and power equations. Gender development is a strategy adopted by Social Activist Collectively to empower women more and ultimately to re-distribute power among women and men.
Social Activist Collectively conducts a series of training and awareness talks on gender-related issues like dowry, rape, domestic violence, matrimonial dispute etc in all of its operational areas and there by bringing them back to the mainstreams of society. Social Activist Collectively launched girl child/ gender development programs. It has organized 44 training programs to high light gender concepts female foeticide. The Female foeticide has become a common phenomenon. People do have access to pre- natal sex determination to find out whether the baby in the womb is male or female. Any scientific technology is to be used in the right way.
  • But at times it is misused. The male female ratio has got drastically affected due to female foeticide. In today India, male children are given special attention. More opportunities are provided to boys to come up in life. Constantly female children are ignored and neglected. Awareness program on female foeticide were organized in many operational areas.